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Centennial Place primarily supports our members by providing wellness-focused classes, activities, and groups which members can choose to join at their discretion. The classes, activities, and groups which we provide at Centennial Place fall into three major program types which are listed below.

Personal Wellness

Personal Wellness groups focus on a very wide variety of topics and interests which support our members in their individual goals, hopes, and dreams. All the programs offered are based on and started through member request and interest, and are often only limited by the imagination of our members. We encourage our members to find a healthy balance of activity within our programming while still actively taking responsibility for their lives outside of Centennial Place. A few examples of these include, but are in no way, limited to Stress Reduction, Support, Mindfulness, Spirituality Discussion and Self Awareness groups. Through a strengths-based approach and exposure to new areas of learning and growth, our members engage together in a supportive and vibrant community of health and wellness.


Working and volunteering are a vital and essential aspect of a person’s wellness and are a huge focus here at Centennial Place. Members have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our employment specialist and receive support with volunteering, job search, interview skills, etc. We also refer members to appropriate sources which can provide additional support and potential funding. Members can work with our employment specialist to complete a Career Discovery activity, which uses work interest, personality traits, values, preferred environments, and learning styles to craft individualized themes and help members find an ideal job match. We also offer multiple training series which support individuals through the adjustment process of being a new employee in his or her new job.

Leisure, Recreation, And Committees

At Centennial Place we believe in a holistic approach to our individual as well as collective health. This includes the exercising of our body and mind through activities such as walking and sports as well as outings to various events. Relaxing and removing unnecessary distractions and stress is also vitally important and can be achieved through relaxation, meditation, and time spent with friends. Members can also take part in our member meetings and committees which allow for discussion around new programs and activities.

“I was attracted to Centennial Place because I wanted to break out of my comfort zone. I also wanted to challenge myself and investigate resources outside of my community.”

Michael R. L.